Friday, February 10, 2012

What my days are starting to look like..

I decided to log everything I ate, and all fitness related junk yesterday so I could visualize the changes. Yesterday may have been a bad day to log and give a first impression because I did less than HALF of my normal time at the gym! I just bought new shoes, and they aren't broken in yet. So my feet were KILLING me after a mile. So I only stayed 20 minutes :( But I'll share it with you anyway:

My life on Thursday February 9, 2012

Supplement -- Roxylean for energy purposes mainly.
Breakfast -- ½ cup Oatmeal, 1 tsp Cinnamon Vanilla Honey Butter, 1 diced Gala Apple, 24 oz Ice Water
Gym -- walked 1 mile; 20 minutes at 3mph, 20 sit-ups 16 oz Ice Water
Snack -- Ants on a log, 24 oz water
Lunch -- Turkey, Swiss and Spinach wrap on a whole wheat tortilla with hummus!; string cheese and carrots in fat free ranch, 24 oz water
Snack -- large navel orange, 16 oz water
Dinner -- vegetarian spaghetti, 24 oz water
Snack -- Yoplait light Key Lime Pie yogurt, 16 oz water
Extra workout -- 40 sit-ups

Total Water: 144oz*
Total Steps: 5,042 (MUST do better today!)

*I try to drink 24 oz of water with each meal and take at least 10,000 steps a day. If you aren't used to drinking water in excess, start out slowly! I had to work up to my water consumption. You don't want to force your body to take in excessive water and become water logged.

Weekly Weigh In: Down 2.2 pounds since last Friday! I will be weighing in every Friday and posting the results here! Good or bad, rain or shine. :)

I also wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who has been wonderful and has kept me inspired/motivated so far. I have some really wonderful people in my life!


  1. sounds like a good day!
    Remember**any exercise is beter then sitting on your bottom!!!
    But i also wanted to tell you..don't know if your much of a tea drinking but Hot green tea is good for people who are trying to loose weight and raspberry tea is good for the womans body!!
    **Congrats on the 2.2lbs!!!**


  2. I am very pleased with the amount of exercise I've been doing, because I know it's more than I WAS doing! lol But I know that I can do more! And I need to get more green tea! But raspberry tea sounds even more delicious. lol :)