Saturday, February 11, 2012

Taking it easy; Taking it slow.

So those of you who know me well (and those of you who sufficiently stalk my Facebook), know that when I pick up a hobby.. I kind of go in to overkill mode. When I was younger and learned to latch-hook, I wanted to buy every latch-hook kit they made. Thank goodness my mom knew better and only let me buy one. which I never finished.. When I played soccer, I played soccer 6-7 days a week. When I joined band, I was thankful that drumline required so much practice. When Pinterest came about, I spent hours and hours (still do some days) pinning EVERYTHING. I learned to bake, cook, etc.. and I didn't leave my kitchen all day long. Okay, you get the point. It's just the way I am. I still LOVE doing all of these things (except latch-hook. I think i've completely forgot how to do it..), but I learned to do them as a PART of my day to day life instead of MAKING them my life.

That's what I'm going through right now. Once I started working out and eating healthy (keep in mind.. it's only been like 2 weeks), and learned that I actually LIKED it.. Well that did it, baby! I want to hit the gym, go hard, reach goals.. I wanna do it all. But because of this mentality, today I find myself sitting in my comfy chair, feet propped up on the ottoman, and pretty positive I won't be getting up any time soon. My legs are KILLING me. I've done some sort of walking/running combo every day this week. I've proven to myself that I can walk a 5k. I've braved the gym (two different gyms, actually) alone. I've lifted free weights. And because of all of this.. I feel miserable right now. Not saying that working out isn't WONDERFUL. Not saying I regret it at all. Not saying I'm going to stop... But I wish my overkill attitude had been at bay these past two weeks so that I could have been smart about this. Two weeks ago, I was literally sitting in front of my computer desk at least 12 hours a day... literally not doing anything. If I had a job or some reason I was REQUIRED to spend that much time in front of the computer, that'd be one thing. But I didn't. I was just lazy. lol I'll admit it. So for me to go from a complete couch potato to walking at least an hour a day.. it's tough on the legs. lol

So here is my vow -- I'm gonna cool it a little. I'm gonna take care of my body. I'm gonna have a rest day (don't ask which one yet). I'm not going to give up.


Other news. I completed my FIRST day of Cool Running's Couch to 5k today. And.. by following this program.. I think I'll work up to running a 5k the SMART way instead of the Quinn way. That being said, I was VERY proud of myself today. I wanted to work out this morning, but didn't want to run in to all the Marines at the main gyms (my regular gym is only open on week days). So what did I do? Oh.. woke up at 5:30, hit the gym by 6. and let me tell you something.. It was awesome.

I had the whole treadmill room to myself. Well.. basically the whole gym. lol I think there were 2 other people and then staff. Which was AWESOME. lol I quite like having the gym to myself, but next time I have a gym session that early.. I'll go to sleep a little earlier than midnight :) and BECAUSE I had the gym to myself, I decided to try the couch to 5k. I've been meaning to try it.. but I was embarrassed of the way I jog, how hard I breathe, basically the whole idea of it sounded mortifying in front of others. lol (remember, i'm a BIG girl.. shit's not pretty when you're jogging.. hahaa) but I surprised myself with my endurance. I lasted the full 20 minute intervals (90 seconds walking, 60 seconds jogging) and didn't puke, faint, or die! #winning.

So because I was so proud of my accomplishments, and because I had started my day before anyone in their right mind should.. I hit up Starbucks.

Tall Iced Skinny Vanilla Soy Latte. (only 80 calories, and DELICIOUS!)

So I took my guilt free beverage home and started my day. And it's been a long one. It started early, was a busy morning, and a looooong, sleepy afternoon. I'll be making dinner soon, cuddling with the husband, and watching Breaking Dawn Part 1!

Are any of you adults also shamelessly in LOVE with Twilight? (Bueler.. Bueller..?) Nope? Just me? Alright, cool. lol I love this movie and I'm Team Edward all the way! I wish I could have gone to the midnight release, but when the nearest Walmart is 30 minutes away.. psh. Not happening.

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and taking extra super care of yourselves!

So tell me, what's your guilty pleasure? (Mine's Twilight. And Ferrero Rocher.)

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