Saturday, January 26, 2013

Non-Scale Victory Link Up

This week -- has been nuts.

I have been trying to post a blog since Wednesday, but it just hasn't happened! I am very thankful for my sisters at church for keeping me busy, don't get me wrong, but I'm glad to have this morning free so that I can catch up. :)

So here's what's been going on this week

Monday: Spent the day relaxing and playing way too much Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with Brent. It was nice to just spend some time forgetting about deployment.

Tuesday: Rushed around all day getting ready for Brent to leave. He was being pulled around in every direction that day and we both felt kind of jipped. The day started coming to a close and I had to say "see ya, later" to my best friend. It's always hard to see him go.. I've realized it won't ever get easier..

Wednesday: I cleaned a little, worked out a little, and then finished my day at church midweek service. I realized how lonely I felt not having Brent by my side. But I love my brothers and sisters and how they try to keep my mind off of him. I definitely cried a bit at different random points at the service. I just missed him.. but I was glad to hear the message that night and thankful I didn't stay cooped up in my house.

Thursday: I started the day off with two of my favorite people (Stephanie and Nicole) and we did some Rockin' Body! Oh man, what a fun workout. We only did the first 15 minute workout together because it was their first time, but we got a nice little sweat going.

It's always more fun to workout with friends, right? I definitely had a blast! We have decided to make it a 3 times a week kind of thing. :)
Later that evening, I met up with another one of my favorites, Anna, to have a nice healthy dinner at her house. Then we went and walked around target and shared a lot of laughs. Thursday was a really good day and I was thankful to get out of the house and also get active.

Friday: Well I woke up for a weigh in, and was pretty disappointed to see that the scale didn't move at all. I was definitely disappointed because I thought that I had done pretty good about eating, drinking tons of water, and staying active. But this week just wasn't my week.. so I had to just smile and promise to work harder this week.
I then spent the day babysitting and pretty much sitting on my butt reading a book until that evening. Then I got to drive in snow for the first time! lol Soooo Friday probably wasn't my favorite day of the week.

But all in all, I'm glad I stayed busy this week. I was determined to get out and not let deployment crush me. And it definitely hasn't. :)

Okay, so on to the NSVs! One of my favorite new (to me) bloggers Katie (KTJ) is co-hosting a new link up every Thursday. It's one that I was definitely looking forward to and was bummed that I didn't have a chance to post up a blog on Thursday. So I just decided to post it a few days late. :) Katie says it best in her blog when she says:
"Too many of us base our success just on the number we see on the scale, but there is so much more to it! All the little changes we make are helping us make a healthier lifestyle. Whether you lost weight this week or not, let's celebrate your non-scale victories! So whether you said no to that birthday cake in the office, ran a 5k, or tracked your food every day this week. . . it is time to celebrate!"
I know that sometimes I definitely get caught up in the numbers and not the lifestyle changes. This week, for example, I was really discouraged to see I hadn't lost anything, but there are 2 things that stick out in my mind that I DID do this week and I feel very proud about those. So here is my contribution to the NSV Link Up:


  1. I didn't binge. - Every time Brent leaves, I eat my feelings. It's a serious problem.. I don't know that I'd go so far as to say I have Binge Eating Disorder, but I definitely binge at least that first week that I'm alone. This week I made the conscious decision to really watch what I was eating and not fill my body with junk. And I'm happy to say the McDonald's drive thru didn't get any of my business!
  2. I packed a lunch. - Usually when I babysit, it's at home. So for me to spend the entire day Friday away from home, away from my own food, away from a comfort zone, I was definitely nervous. It wasn't that I was afraid I would eat my friend out of house and home or anything. I was actually worried I wouldn't eat at all. I didn't want to spend the entire day not eating and by the time I left be so starving that I stopped at a drive thru. So I packed a lunch :)
 It was actually my morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. I was very proud that I woke up early enough to pack my lunch AND eat breakfast before going.

These are the kind of small victories that you can't see on the scale. These are the small victories that will add up and show when people take a look at your life. I am very thankful for this journey that I am on and I can't wait to share more NSVs with you!

So tell me, when was the last time you packed a lunch?

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  1. Those are some great NSVs! Not binging is huge! So big congrats to you :) Also packing a lunch takes out a lot of the thinking of what you will be eating. I try to bring a lunch everyday, but this week I was bringing that Progresso Light Soup to work.

    Have a great weekend!