Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Foodie Pen Pals

I know, this is late! I'm sorry! haha between packing and cleaning, this is the first moment i've found to just sit down and write out this post. (I'll tell you more about the packing/cleaning/MOVING stuff later!)

The Lean Green Bean

For now, it's time to talk about my new favorite part of the month. and that would be the monthly foodie penpal program! If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a little visit to THIS BLOG and learn more about foodie pen pals, what its all about, and how to join! This month, I got my box of yummy treats from Jane over at The Healthy Beehive! And let me tell you, I am in love with everything in this box!!

I got a sweet card and HOME MADE chapstick! It's wonderful and lovely and every other pleasant word you can think of. I love that chapstick.

I have a new obsession with granola, and I am not ashamed of that. the ginger taste in this granola is a bit much as first. but soon.. it's addicting. And the Oatmeal is awesome! Seriously the coolest "instant" oatmeal i've ever seen! Maybe i'm just behind the times, but this oatmeal package can hold water and has a measure line so you don't even need a measuring cup. it's awesome. and I haven't tried the chia cereal yet, but I am very excited! lol

Okay, the Goodness Knows granola bite/bar things. AMAZING! Seriously in love. they were both gone the day my box arrived. haha my husband and I ate those quick! Also, behind the times, I had never heard of honey sticks before! Those are seriously too cool! I'm saving the Bee Bars for our trip across the country this month. So I can't give you an opinion on those yet, but if they're anything like the rest of this box, I'm sure they'll be awesome!

Thank you Jane, for the amazing box of goodies!

If you would like to become a foodie pen pal and get the incredible chance to connect with other bloggers through mail and food, be sure to click the button above! I promise you won't regret it!

Well that's all for now. I have a growing to-do list and want to get as much done today as I can! I will be back soon to tell you all about our upcoming events and why I've been absent! Thanks for reading :)

With love,

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you liked it! Good luck with your move!