Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[WIAW] Carrot Cake Protein Bars

It's Wednesday! And that means What I Ate Wednesday :) If you don't know what I'm talking about, head over to {this blog} and see what it's all about!

Instead of documenting just one day, I thought I'd just show some of my recent eats and share a recipe with you guys :) So get ready for a lot of pictures! Ready?

Apple Pie Shake made with Choboni Cinnamon Apple Yogurt

Lots of watermelon

Delicious breakfasts!

Subway :)

Protein parmesan sauce pasta with split chicken breast

Mushroom spinach mozzarella chicken

Banana, peanut butter, and dark chocolate chips

And last but not least, Carrot Cake Protein Bars! (excuse the Subway napkin. lol)

I used this recipe, but had to make them in the crock pot because the oven wasn't working in my apartment! haha they came out great though :) The only thing I would suggest is to cut down the amount of sweetener used. They are just kind of too sweet for my taste.

These are the ingredients I used.

And a little of the process ;) haha

All in all, I'd say I've been eating pretty good lately! Lots of new yummy things and recipes. Let me know if you have any tasty, healthy recipes you want me to try out!

So tell me, what delicious foods have you been eating lately?

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